To finish the moment, to find the journey’s end in every step of the road, to live the greatest number of good hours, is wisdom. –  Ralph Waldo Emerson

I only became aware that I needed to stand up and voice my beliefs after realizing the personal consequences of unfair legislation.

I have been reading up on everything that I was unable to read about for the last three years. Binders, websites, resources. Luckily there is a lot out there.

A big BIG thank you to M. Dante.

I liken it very much to a baby taking her first steps, and peering up a huge stair case…the journey ahead. So, I will research, read, reach out, ponder and look within in order to learn how to continue on this very worthwhile journey before me.

It is easy enough because the way I have personally lived my life has been by a few rules:

Do the least harm to all I meet

I was raised that if you didn’t have anything nice to say, then keep your mouth shut. Over the years I have been able to generalize this. One of my fave quotes is “Even a fish could learn to stay out of trouble if it would keep its mouth shut.”  So very true.

I am usually the one sitting quietly on the side. I try not to say anything unless it brings some value to the conversation.

Disclaimer: If you are close friends or family this does not apply. I will continue to be a silly sing-a-song-that-I-hear-a-beat-to-and not know the words kinda chic.

Any positive moment is movement towards what is positive

Through my early readings I see many sex work advocates upset over legislation that doesn’t address exactly what they want. I keep in mind it is a process, and as long as we are going forward and not backwards, it is a step in the right direction.

This saved my ass when I was repeatedly denied requests I put in (mail with smudges, visits, passes, electronic monitoring, write up appeals…the list could go on). Although the outcome was not what I wanted (usually) I felt I was going forward just by requesting, questioning and trying to be heard, because I did get some answers that weren’t always “no’s”.

Standing together and not bickering amongst ourselves is a step towards change. Wasting time and energy against each other is what those who wish to dispel our cause wants. Ask some of the women I did time with, I was always talking about how we needed to support and be there for each other, not bicker, tell on or ostracize. That is what makes us weak, and by us, I mean women because it has been my personal experience that men call this b.s much sooner and work towards getting things done, not focusing on petty issues.

Tell my truth

Over time my truth has changed. I feel as if I have lived several lives, and you know what? I am okay with that. More than okay. I find my strength in that. It means I have a broader view of the world, of people and most importantly I am open to know myself. After all, I  see life as a journey towards who I authentically am as a person, woman, mother, friend and human. I define my journey, not any one else. I find empowerment through consequence.

4 responses to “Empowerment through Consequence”

  1. tanyathetgurl Avatar

    I have read every word in your blog. Wow. Your eloquence, precision, insight and courage are intense. You’re in the small group of individuals that moves mankind forward. History is not kind to the pioneers, though … and yet you persevere. I love it.

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    1. amberbattsblog Avatar

      Thank you tanyathegurl! So many were there for me when I went to jail and I want to be able to make difference so others don’t go through this. I am grateful to be apart of something much larger than just me.

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      1. tanyathetgurl Avatar

        It’s a nice feeling to be in the side of logic, in this sort of intellectual battle. Every word you say carries extra weight due to that, too. Galileo was a lone voice at the time, sent in chains to Rome and bullied by the church, and yet nowadays most people accept what he said as a matter of course. So you’re in good company.

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  2. Sean Christopher Dabney Avatar
    Sean Christopher Dabney

    Extraordinary writing and a great viewpoint from someone who has live the “life.” Great job and I appreciate how you expound upon the struggles that you have had to deal with. The stigma surrounding your case would make many buckle but you have the fortitude to stand tall and proud and give an opposing voice to the “Moral Majority”! I hope that this blog reaches a thousands of free thinkers who can affect change for sex workers as not all or being trafficked by anyone just women making money doing what they choose to do with their bodies. In fact this is more akin to the struggle with a woman’s right to an abortion with those who are against it claiming a higher “moral” ground. Choice is choice and if no one is hurt in the transaction that is entered to by both parties who are we as a society to condemn it? Continue on with the good fight and continue to encourage and be encouraged knowing that though it may not be in sight right at this moment or as quickly as we would like, change will happen!

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