I began this blog as a way to do something with the frustrations I, as well as others, have felt while we were essentially deemed hopeless or powerless.

Although I put myself at risk by writing about things that many may or may not agree with, I believe it is important to start the discussion and bring light upon things not everyone knows about.

I welcome all comments and discussions regarding any of the issues I share on this blog. I share about the topics that matter to me; sex worker rights, incarcerated individuals rights, what it is like to be incarcerated, the discrepancy of women dealing with sentencing, probation and parole as well as incarceration, and most of all, the ability that anyone not happy with how the system works is able to make a change.

The most common way a person gives up their power is by believing they don’t have any. – Alice Walker

I won’t believe that I cannot do anything because people say so. I want to prove them wrong, and I don’t want anyone else losing so much because of similar charges.

A big thanks and shout out to the following. The following are people who either wrote me, listened to me, put up with my BS, gave me a renewed sense of self and reminded me that I am not a number or a monster or worthless. Thank you doesn’t cover the appreciation. I am not adding last names out of respect for privacy.

If I forgot you, I apologize in advance!




Norma Jean












My story of prosecution, incarceration and recovery from incarceration.